Monthly Archives: February 2011

Twitter Weekly – 2011-02-27

I don't want to shop or work today. Guess I should just get it over with so I can play. # I think I need a smirnoff. Or 3. # 5:30 in the afternoon and I'm ready to crawl into

Twitter Weekly – 2011-02-20

@chrissi goofball. work is a place of pain and suffering. stop enjoying it. (just kidding! enjoy it as much as you can!!) # Wish list item #96 1989 Billy Ripkin Fleer baseball card. # @lincolnwells gs cookies make people nuts!

Twitter Weekly – 2011-02-13

30 Ways to Make Today a Good Day # "I figgered you was" is Texan for "I assumed you were". Don't presume I lack the intelligence to use whichever I please. # “@lincolnwells: #rulesoftwitter If you are tweeting&getting no

Twitter Weekly – 2011-02-06

“@AllieXD3: Karlee is 1/4 the reason I don't bring friends over. @Chrissi is the other 3/4.” ha! # Hours spent cleaning out 2 sheds. Lots of trash, but lots of memories. Fun to watch the kids find stuff they loved