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great finish

Do you or someone you know suffer from being a great starter when it comes to projects, but then taper off and never really reach the end well? Don’t feel bad, it’s very common. But with some effort, you can turn it around and become a Great Finisher!

great finisher

First, stay focused. Don’t get bogged down with other projects or tasks. Continually monitor your progress and update your tasks and goals to get to the end. To avoid the “lousy finisher” tag, don’t miss deadlines along the way.

Stay motivated. When we look at how far we’ve come, we tend to feel a premature sense of accomplishment and start to slack off. Instead of focusing on what you’ve already done, keep looking at what’s left to do to reach the end. Again, don’t miss deadlines and keep updating your tasks and goals to stay focused on what’s left. Do remind yourself every now and then about your accomplishments to keep you from being discouraged, but in order to stay motivated all the way through, don’t get too complacent with those accomplishments.

If you are a manager, help your staff stay goal-oriented by rewarding them for a job well – and completely – done. Offering up too much praise for little milestones along the way can often backfire, leading staff to rest on the tasks they’ve done instead of the project goal.

Great Finishers force themselves to stay focused on the goal, and never congratulate themselves on a job half-done. [tweet this!]

Encouragement is important, but to keep your team motivated, save the accolades for a job well – and completely – done.


For more reading, check out this article by Heidi Grant Halverson, PHD, which includes some great study results on the science of the mind and Great Finishers. PT

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