Co-workers that rock

Bad bosses, horrible peers… we hear plenty of those stories, but how about those awesome people you have worked with? The Decent Human Being, hard worker, someone who led a well-balanced life or had some other positive trait that made working with them a joy. Someone who bailed you out of a bind. A mentor or a guide.

Have you ever worked with someone who had a major positive impact on your life, your job, and/or your outlook?

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  • well I have the awesome boss in the world! he is my boyfriend so don’t know how is to have an horrible boss. my boss loves me and explain me very carrefull baout everything. if I do something wrong, he doesn’t yell at me. he knows how to treat me as an employee but as his girlfriend too.

  • The best person recently is my manager at the US Postal Service, where I just retired from. She is a genuinely nice, caring person, and helped me so much with red tape when I found out I could retire. I was not the best person to work with either before then, because I was so unhappy 🙁 I learned from her that patience and grace go a long way 🙂

  • The best person I have ever worked with is my husband. We always make a great team! He is great in my weakest areas, loves me, and we understand each other.

    We have been partners in business and in life for a long time. We owned a real estate company with my parents when I was still working. Now I back him up as I am able by watching his phone and email messages for him.


  • One of the greatest people I’ve worked with (and just one of the greatest people, period) is Dr. Nancy Mather. Originally my mentor, Nancy emerged as a colleague and friend as time wore on. She gave me opportunities I couldn’t have dreamed of when I first came to the US. She turned an eager and passionate unknown person into a successful professional. Thank you, Nancy!

    • and thank YOU Rhia! Its stories like this that remind us to give our best and all to everyone we know!


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