Don’t Let ‘Busyness’ Take You Away From Your Goals

In todays jobs, ‘always on’ is the norm. Never ending task lists, projects starting before the last one ended, last minute needs, and increasing demands on our time and attention. It’s easy to fall into a trap of endless days of being ‘busy’.

Every day, before you start your work, review your goals. Don’t lose sight sight of WHY you do things. Everything you do should have a clear goal associated with it, and a way to get to that goal. If something isn’t fitting in with those goals, seriously considering dropping it, delegating it, or just say no to it to begin with. Many things we do each day have become rote actions, learned tasks that we do¬†automatically¬†that no longer fill the need they originally started for. Drop them.

Just because you are busy doesn’t mean you are being productive. Your time is precious – spend it wisely, and don’t let ‘busyness’ take you away from your goals.



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  • How very true it is that we have to be careful not to be kept from doing the important things we have to get done by all the little details that often get in the way. I know that if I don’t limit some of the minutia of the day I find that it keeps me from doing what really needs to be done.

    And I know I’m not alone for as you say it’s goal setting and planing your day that keep things on track for you too.

    The simple facts are that in this 24/7 always on social media driven world most of us live in we can fill our day just cleaning out our mail box or tweeting back to say thanks on Twitter. And it’s just such distractions that we have to keep in check or we end up spending way to much time on the little things.

    So as you say it’s develop a system and have some structure to your work flow or end up on a never ending treadmill going no where. And it doesn’t take much to make a big difference.

    A good list of “things to get done” with priories given to major jobs or tasks that shows a time line or date for completion isn’t hard but it by it’s self will bring order to the ciaos that our daily activities throw at us.

    Remember it’s either control and focus your activities or have all the “noise” in our daily lives keep us distracted from and behind on all the really important things we have to get done!


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