Don’t Let Stress Steal Your Energy

Know your stressors and manage them. We all have different ways we react to stress — some people yell and scream, some get depressed, some turn it all internally.

Know your triggers — what stresses you, and know how you react.

Become aware of the stress and choose to manage it; avoid it, alter it, adapt to it or accept it, but don’t ignore it and don’t fight it.

Learn ways to cope with it, like deep breathing and having an outlet that works for you.

Don’t let stress steal the energy you need to do what you want to do.


via Are You Where You Want to Be? | Psychology Today.



  • Hi Renee, Kitty Hawk on EA, you might want to put some signs/ symptoms of stress and a few simple coping strategies, give a referral to toll free help for emergencies

    • Great suggestion Tom! Many don’t take daily stress as seriously as they should since it can lead to serious health and mental issues. I thinks its time to revisit some of my older posts about signs of stress and burnout. I love your idea of providing links and numbers for where to get help. Thank you!

  • I find so many people become ‘paralyzed’ when stressed. They feel so overwhelmed that they can’t accomplish anything productive – therefore increasing stress!

    Thanks for the reminder to not ignore or fight it. I find acknowledging it, and taking immediate action to resolve the trigger helps most.


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