Fire Your Boss

Should employees have any say in their supervisor or managers position?

Who better to judge whether a manager is meeting the needs of the position than those who report to them. A manager can present to their superiors any variation of facts – but from the bottom looking up, it’s harder to cover up managerial deficiences.

A good manager:

  • puts their employees needs first
  • communicates company policy and goals clearly
  • leads by example
  • encourages teamwork
  • treats their employees respectfully and professionally
  • encourages¬†professional growth of their staff

It isn’t always easy to see if those things are being met, but an employee feels the pain of shortfalls in these areas¬†acutely.


So, should employees be able to fire their boss? Or at least have a clear, no consequences say in the matter?


  • If employees can be objective then I’d say YES. However, how many of us are able to be objective when something is personal?

  • Many companies conduct Employee Opinion Surveys to understand what is going on inside the company. They cover a gambit of criteria and can be very effective. Indeed, I have seen managers lose their jobs as a result.

    I understand the points you are making, however, I can’t agree with all them.

    Putting employees 1st negates the customer – the reason your business exists at all – and assumes they have committed themselves to achieving the company’s vision / goals / objectives. Putting employee’s ahead of those is not serving the interests of the stakeholders.

    • Excellent points! In some cases, the employees are the front line to the customer and actually have more insight about the customer needs and how to meet the corporate objectives. Every company is different and should evaluate feedback from both perspectives. I very much like the idea of companies that actively seek input and evaluation from the employee, but without a formal company-wide policy, most employees feel they can’t offer that feedback without fear of retribution from management.
      Thank you so much for this thought provoking comment!

  • In my day we called them 360 degree reviews

    Affectionately referred to as The Top Bottom Left Right Up Down Review ,,,,,


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