iOS 5 and Blackberry

Today’s RIM Blackberry outage (mashable article) has really messed my day up – at work, I LIVE on my Blackberry, from research, to follow-up tasks, to meeting scheduling, and of course email – all of which are NOT working with today’s outage – so I was quite excited to get home and realize it was October 12 – iOS 5 release day! I happily popped my iPhone on the cradle – to be informed some Mac and iTunes were required first. Fine, no problem, here we go… and now I’m still sitting her staring at my screen willing the download progress bar to speed along faster. On twitter there are many reports of 1, 2 and even THREE hour download times. I was hoping to have this done by 4pm before it was time to start in kid routines (school, golf, dinner… fun fun fun) – and instead i’ve been treated to a painfully slow update download, mandatory reboot (it has been so long since I’ve sat at my desk waiting on a reboot that i really had forgotten what my Mac OS X boot screen looked like), and now an iOS upgrade download that seems to go UP in estimated download time every few minutes.

And to top off the fun, Moneyell’s new DropBox syncing is telling me now that the balance in my main checking account is -$10,467.02 (that’s NEGATIVE TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS). I think not.

Perhaps I should take a technology sabbatical for the rest of the day before I end up needing an iPhone 4S because this 4 ends up under my boot, or the wheel of my car … or both.

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