Want a Promotion? Here’s a Tip

conference table - promotion

Want a promotion?

Be good at the job you want.

conference table - promotion

Promotion isn’t a reward, it’s a business decision that needs to produce a return.

How do you gain experience and skills in a job that you don’t have yet? The best candidates have thought about this, and taken action. Identify the skills you will need in the job you want, and get creative. Create opportunities to gain the experience you need (like suggesting the project you want to lead). And don’t expect to get paid extra while you’re still just practicing.

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  • I’ve had this very conversation today, where someone was cited as ‘not making it clear how they stand out from the others’ in context of an upcoming promotion slot.

    Candidates who really want promotion will make it clear how they’re going to add value and how they can be differentiated from the rest.

    • Thanks for the example! Really helps clarify 🙂 I know most find this the hardest part to do, but it takes stepping up what you are doing now without the honor/money/responsibility of the promotion, all to show you deserve that promotion


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