Rate your listening habits

How would you rate yourself on your listening habits?

Here’s a self-assessment quiz.

Score yourself on each question as 1 (the statement is not true for me at all), 2 (I mildly disagree), 3 (I partly agree and partly disagree with the statement), 4 (I mildly agree), or 5 (the statement is totally true for me) .

___ 1. I prefer talking to listening to what others may say.

___ 2. It mostly doesn’t occur to me to ask questions.

___ 3. When others are talking I’m often thinking about what I’ll say next.

___ 4. The main point of talking is to impress people, or at least to entertain them.

___ 5. My perspective is usually right, so if others disagree, I convince them to see it my way.

___ 6. It bothers me when people get their facts wrong.

___ 7. It’s important to point out when people are wrong about something.

___ 8. Most people are boring, so I usually need to do most of the talking if the conversation is going to be interesting.

___ Total score

Scoring: The higher your score, the lower your listening skills.  The closer your score is to 40, the highest possible score, the more strongly you probably need a skills upgrade.  By contrast, a score in the 8 to 16 range passes, and the closer your score is to 8, the better your skills probably are.

via The Art of Listening: How Open Are Your Ears? | Psychology Today.

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