Reactive people see themselves as victims – are you a victim?

People who lack the proactivity habit tend to be more reactive, seeing themselves as victims of circumstance, unable to change their reactions, thus feeling much less empowered.

People who play the game of “tit for tat” in an argument are being reactive.  They are reacting to what the other person is saying rather than being grounded and more rational where they take responsibility for their emotional triggers.  The mentality that “he makes me so mad” or “she made me feel bad about myself” are examples of the victim language

What defines a person’s ability to be more proactive rather than reactive?

  • The ability to set goals and work towards achieving them.
  • Creating opportunities, not waiting for them to come your way
  • Taking conscious control of your life
  • Understanding the choice you have in engineering your life
  • Applying your own personal principles and core values in making decision
  • Having imagination and creativity to explore possible alternatives
  • Realizing you have independent will to choose your own unique response.
You don’t have to be reactive, start integrating the proactive habit into yourself!

via Are You Proactive or Reactive.


  • Hi Renee,

    I wouldn’t discount entirely the notion that circumstances, by definition, do affect us. Being proactive will not shield us from all negative or stressful situations. I think that it’s what we do once we find ourselves in these situations that defines whether we are proactive or reactionary by nature. That’s why I tend to place my emphasis on the last two items of your list. How we respond to circumstances, more so than planning or goal setting because we cannot envision everything, is where we can best exert control.



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