Top 5 Reasons People Leave Their Jobs

infographic: why do people leave their job

Jobs are hard to come by, but people voluntarily leave their jobs for many reason, here are the top 5 according to CMOE.

Why do people leave their jobs?

infographic: why do people leave their jobs
Have you left a position because of any of these? Do you have a different reason?

I think far more people contemplate leaving their careers for these reasons (and more!) but don’t do it because the economy is so unsure in most areas. If you left your current position today and had to choose ONE reason, what would it be? For me I think internal politics would top the list. I have a great boss, great opportunity for advancement, and a fulfilling, rewarding position, but the politics and positioning that take place in the company can easily make all of the pluses null and void.


Source: 5 Reasons Top Talent Leave Their Jobs infographic



  • These are all pretty spot on. Having an ass of a boss is the worst. I doesn’t matter if everything else is in line, this is going to make you dread going to work and seek employment elsewhere.

    • bad bosses and bad coworkers can ruin even the best of jobs. Thanks!!

  • I agree with all of these reasons, and when I left my last job I left it because of three of these!

    There is no one reason on this list that is stronger than the others- each one of these reasons results in disengagement and job burnout!


    • thanks Chrysta! They all DO work together, and when all are present, it’s a sure fire way to make a person miserable


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