Improve Productivity and Reduce Stress

productivity and stress

Productivity plays a huge part in how much time and effort you spend on work. Improving productivity will help get back more time, and reduces stress.

7 Work Habits That Are Taking Their Toll On Your Productivity

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“Workaholics” often think they are getting more done by going to work sick, cutting back on sleep, and not going to annual check-ups with their doctor, but in reality they are severely impacting their performance, both today and in the future.

4 Tips to Keep Your Brain On The Job


The number of hours we work without interruption is inversely related to how much we accomplish. It’s called brain-fatigue, but there are simple things you can do to maintain your focus, and keep your brain on the job throughout the

Don’t Let Stress Steal Your Energy


Know your stressors and manage them. We all have different ways we react to stress — some people yell and scream, some get depressed, some turn it all internally. Know your triggers — what stresses you, and know how you

LASIK: My Experience [personal]


I have a number of friends and coworkers who have had LASIK eye surgery over the years. Every one of them sings its praises, but until now I never gave it any thought for myself. My eyes hurt all day from

Signs of physical and emotional exhaustion, and what to do about it

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I know we have covered burnout a lot here at westXdesign. But I can’t emphasize enough how important it is for you to learn to recognize the signs, and to urge you to take steps to get off the fast-track