The first time I have been completely UNHAPPY with Apple: Apple IDs & iCloud

I have been looking forward to the new features in iOS5, and a little interested in some of the features of iCloud – but now that I have fought through a nightmare upgrade process, I’m sad to say for the first time EVER, I am disappointed and even angry at Apple.

I could deal with the failed upgrade attempts yesterday, but after having to change my iTunes Apple ID to my email address after YEARS of having it work perfectly fine the way it was, I realized too late what that meant for my  other devices. Now I have to go to every single of my iMacs, MacBooks, and Apple TVs and change the Apple ID to get them back working. And now all those devices are using my ‘personal’ iCloud account??

Did NO ONE at Apple think of multi-user family accounts? Yes, I can now upgrade each of the kids’ iPhones and iPads, and set them up their own Apple IDs for iCloud, and continue to have them use MY Apple ID for iTunes purchasing, but really Apple, was this necessary? Did you not think that in many households you just made the task of managing multiple devices and users a total nightmare? What happens if one of them messes up and starts using MY iCloud account on their device –  they just screw up all my synced items? I’m sure someone out there has all kinds of glorious solutions for this, including not using iCloud at all, but whatever happened to…


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