Twitter Weekly – 2010-12-26

  • 25 Examples of Christmas Decoration Abuse #
  • Really really late but I finally have the Christmas cards signed, addressed, and stamped. Now to remember to mail them… #
  • @lincolnwells lol! I always forget the OK alcohol content then wonder why my OK colleagues drink so much less than I when they are here 🙂 #
  • Watching my idiot dogs repeatedly yank entire branches off a bush then run around the yard happily playing keep away with each other. #
  • Apple publishes six free e-books for developers #
  • @AllieXD3 pain? I feel no pain with my iPhone 4 with 3G service. Don't know what you're referring to… #
  • @AllieXD3 that's why you have an iPod touch… #
  • @lincolnwells ha! Love it! #
  • How do you surprise teens on Christmas? Get them out of bed at 7am on Christmas eve and have Christmas morning with them. Win!! #
  • Hanging at the in-laws, whole family will be together this evening. It's a very Merry Christmas! Wish mom and sis could be here too. #
  • Merry Christmas everyone! #
  • @AllieXD3 um. No. #
  • Ate too much. Now staring zombie-like at the TV watching Pacific with dad-in-law. And loving it. #Christmas #

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