Twitter Weekly – 2011-01-09

  • Cold. Noisy. But cozy in the pushers trailer. Bwahahaha. I mean, um… Just get back to … #DrillingRig (via @GetGlue) #
  • #Kindle #
  • @paddysplace 🙁 sorry about the little buddy #
  • @chrissi I can help: "Food. Food. Water. Pee. Poo. Food. Pls Close the curtains. Quit staring at me. Food. CAT!! HELP!! Food. Poo." Repeat #
  • 4 Famous Hackers Who Got Caught #
  • The World Just Got a Little Less Bright #
  • The Quick 10: 10 Supreme Court Scandals #
  • @lincolnwells TGiFridays and Carrino's are my favorites #
  • Are you a workaholic? #
  • @lincolnwells @ambercantrell true about TGis – cant find one anywhere in West Tx anymore #
  • very very tired of throwing my money away at AT&T for speeds and services they never live up to #
  • roaming the streets of Oxford (well, in google street view, sad but ok, considering i will probably never get to set foot on these streets) #
  • If Verizon announces iPhone we will drop ALL AT&T plans & pay their termination fees just to be done with them. at least we'd FINALLY get 3G #

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