Twitter Weekly – 2011-02-13

  • 30 Ways to Make Today a Good Day #
  • "I figgered you was" is Texan for "I assumed you were". Don't presume I lack the intelligence to use whichever I please. #
  • “@lincolnwells: #rulesoftwitter If you are tweeting&getting no replies you're just talking to yourself.” damn. I talk to myself all the time #
  • cruising down the interstate with nothing much to do so trying out chrome. i think i like it, especially with extensions #
  • Hey, no sharing our comedic moments! 🙂 RT @AllieXD3: "Can I call somebody?" "Yeah. Who are you guna call?" "GHOST BUSTERS!!" #
  • @AllieXD3 stop. ignoring. us. 😀 #
  • today rocks. chilling in san antonio. (almost literally – its 20°) #
  • drove 400 miles to see disturbed tonight. just got a message that they wont be performing at the weapon as a weapon event. THIS SUCKS #

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