10 Tips For Marketing

1. Get Focused Who are you speaking to? Provide content that communicates with your customers and prospects in a language they understand.

2. Create Goals for your Content What are you trying to achieve? When designing your content make sure it is not content for contents sake, but is assisting you in growing your business

3. Become a Publisher Blogs – email newsletters, and social media sites – don’t miss any of the opportunities available to you for marketing

4. Solve Problems Everyone has problems and helping your customers and prospects solve them will take them from interested readers to raving fans. Write content that shows people how to fix their problems that are relevant to your industry and market.

5. Include Calls to Action Don’t forget to include calls to action with your content. It could be to subscribe, share or register for an eBook or whitepaper. Creating small calls to action will lead prospects towards the ultimate goal for any business and that is to put some money down or place an order.

6. Talk like a Human Corporate speak was invented by copy writers but a while back people started switching off. Being “Authentic” is the new black and being real is the “new marketing” that is a message that cuts through

7. Show What Works Case studies that “show” how your product is used are much more effective than “telling“. Create content that showcases how other customers are using your product and services to achieve success.

8. Have some Fun and enjoy what you do!


inspired by The 10 Commandments of Social Media Content Marketing | Jeffbullas’s Blog.