10 Ways To Get More Done

10  effective tactics you can use now to get more done at work:

  1. Beware Multitasking
    Most people will be more productive if they checked e-mail only a few times a day rather than incessantly.(Use your brain, if your job requires you to be on call 24-7 via email, then checking every few hours just won’t cut it!)
  2. Tame Your In-box
    If replying to or disposing of an e-mail takes less than two minutes, do so right away. Turn off new email notifications, Send less to receive less: Keep your e-mails short, and write fewer of them.
  3. Clear Your Mind
    Take a few minutes, several times a day, to calm and clear your mind. Walking around the block or just stepping away from your computer screen can help you stay much more mentally fresh and focused.
  4. Eliminate Unnecessary Meetings
    Face-to-face communication is essential (email is fraught with misinterpretation), but be ruthless about protecting your time. Decline meeting requests that aren’t truly necessary.
  5. Learn How To Say “No”
    It’s only two letters but it can be the hardest word to get out. but is the most underused productivity tool out there. You can’t help everyone, you can’t take on every new task and project. Say no sometimes, it’s the best thing you can do for your productivity, and sanity
  6. Swear Off Social Media
    If you don’t need it for work, save Facebook for home and turn Twitter off during the work day.
  7. Make Lists
    Keep multiple lists: the short-term must-dos and the longer-term items. Also clearly define the tasks that can be delegated, and then actually delegate them! Don’t set yourself up for failure by starting each day with an unrealistically long agenda. (Common sense, perhaps—but how often do we actually bother to do this?)
  8. Set Up A System
    More common sense, often ignored. Systems–even the simplest variety–allow projects to move forward while freeing up your mind to relax and dwell on loftier things. “Managing a clear and complete inventory of your commitments brings a great increase in clarity, focus, and control,” says Allen. “And it provides the critical background for making the important distinctions about where you’re going and what’s really important.”
  9. Clear Off Your Desk
    Spend the last 15 minutes of each workday cleaning off your desk. Trash what you don’t need and file things once a day. A
  10. Make Use Of The Time You Save
    Boosting productivity isn’t just about making sure things get done and feeling more in control along the way. It’s about freeing up time for deeper, creative thinking–perhaps about new products or other ways to generate revenue (or to cut costs). Schedule stretches of creative time throughout the day—mute your phone’s ringer, close your door, avoid e-mail and think.

Now, isn’t that better?


via Ten Ways To Get More Done At Work – Forbes