10 Ways To Start Increasing Your Productivity

Productivity isn’t about working until you just can’t work anymore, it’s not about staying busy. Productivity IS about managing your priorities and time. And the skills and habits needed to be productive aren’t innate – with dedication and effort, they can be learned. Start on the road to productivity with these 10 tips:

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Know what’s important

Learn to tell the difference between important tasks and things that just keeping you busy. What are the right things? The ones that get you closer to your goals.

Plan your day

Take some time, either at the end of the previous day or the start of this one, to PLAN what you are going to accomplish.

Get back on track fast

There will be many interruptions and roadblocks to reaching the goals you set for yourself each day. Work on getting back on track quickly and not letting these derailments keep you off the track all day.

Know your priorities, and protect them

Don’t just get things done, they get the RIGHT things done. Learn to delegate tasks that others can do, freeing you to focus on the things YOU need to do. Also learn to say NO. Protect your time and energy to focus on what you need to do, and leave time for home and family.

Solve problems

Take responsibility for solving the problem areas in your work and home schedules and duties. Don’t blame others, or wait around for a roadblock to move on its own.

Use the right tools

What works for me may not be the best suited solution for you. Find a GTD system that works for YOU.


Concentrate on the task you are doing now and tune out distractions.

Get organized

Keep your work space and home in order, and you’ll save a LOT of time by not hunting for documents, staples, paperclips, etc. And it will really cut down on stress, too.

Be disciplined

Be accountable for your goals. If you aren’t focused and disciplined on what it is you want to accomplish, you’ll wander aimlessly.

Keep learning

You will never know everything. Keep your mind open, and actively seek opportunities to learn new things.

inspired by  Psych Central

photo credit: MrPessimist via photopin cc