2 Things Not To Do At Your Main Work Space

Your ‘workstation’ or ‘work space’ is that place you have where you do your work. Whether it be in a cubby in the corner, a cubicle, or an office on the top floor, there some things that just shouldn’t be done while sitting (or standing for those lucky folks with standing desks…) at that main workstation. If you try  to stop doing these things there, you’ll be more productive, more focused, and even more creative:

Empty desk


Those light-bulb flashes seldom happen while sitting at your desk writing a month-end report. For most people, those brilliant ideas come elsewhere – while walking, cooking, … during all kinds of activities except ‘work’. If you have to think creatively about an issue or problem, don’t try to come up with an answer while sitting at your workstation. Change your perspective, give your brain a chance to refresh and react.Then come back to your desk and do the work necessary to make that idea reality.


Set aside a place meant for socializing with coworkers (or family if you work from home). Make sure everyone knows the sanctity of the WORKstation. By keeping it all-business at the workstation, you’ll be more productive and not get sidetracked. This means no personal FaceBooking, Tweeting, emails, texts, non-emergency personal phone calls. Using your main station to catch up on blogs would fall here too. The more you allow time-sucks to happen, the more likely you will be to fall on back them to procrastinate, and getting up and walking away could you identify why you are straying from the task at hand in the first place


What other things do you recommend NOT doing at your desk?



photo credit: Victor1558 cc