4 Ways to Regain Time and Energy

4 Ways to Regain Some Time and Energy


Have a Plan and Set Goals

It’s important to have a personal work plan to help guide and direct your work activities and it should include concrete and measurable goals, with a time frame for completing them. However, rather than setting firm deadlines which can lead to pressure and stress, have some flexibility.

Organize Your Day

Develop a consistent daily work schedule and stick to it. Have a routine and set aside time each day to accomplish specify tasks

Learn to Delegate

Learn which tasks can be delegated and which need your personal attention. Trying to do everything yourself leads to overload, stress, and burnout, but it also does a disservice to subordinates’ development.

Don’t Make Work Harder Than It Is

Most time pressures are self-induced. We set unrealistically high goals or standards for ourselves and then feel as if we should be getting more done. Focusing on each step, rather than on the entire project, may cut down on feelings that you are overwhelmed by the enormity of the project

via How To Get Some Extra Work Time and Energy | Psychology Today.