5 MORE Tips to Boost Productivity by Getting Others to Work for You

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Last week, I shared 5 tips from IQTELL about simple, effective ways to improve the chances of getting others to help you. Here are  5 more  suggestions from IQTELL:

#1 Reciprocate

Prior to asking for help, give something.  Giving to others creates a commitment between the two parties, it’s a subconscious bond.  It’s a bond based on our social obligation towards each other… that’s the guilt you feel when you know you owe someone something. So give and you shall receive!

#2 Don’t make a big deal of what you are asking – reduce the psychological entry barrier.

Think about your requests as something measurable.  It’s less probable to get something that takes a lot of effort, so break it up to pieces.  If you approach them and ask for little things you do two things:

  • First – You create a “commitment momentum” (explained in the previous post) that will support their decision to help you with bigger things in the future because they already helped.
  • Second – If it’s easy and it doesn’t look like much, you removed the entry barrier.

#3 Control your tone and vocabulary.

Speaking softly brings a person into your personal space; it will make them feel closer to you. Demanding and using harsh language will almost always guarantee rejection.Be humble and decisive, and you’ll improve your chances of getting what you want.[ad]

#4 Use the names of Friends or Colleagues that are working with you on the project.

Use the power of “social proximity” to get help from people.  “Name Dropping” in this sense is perfectly fine.  When people find out their friends/colleagues are also involved, they’ll want in too.  Be subtle.

#5 Make doing the task easy, make working with you great

Be an enabler, someone who facilitates tasks from idea to completion. Provide a workspace or framework to work with, remove obstacles, and provide resources.  Be sure to provide the support needed. Once people understand that you’re the person who makes things happen they’ll try to get closer with hopes that some of your awesomeness will rub on them.


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