5 Personality Types Your Company Needs

A great article from  Inc.com lists 5 personality types every company needs to succeed. It goes beyond the need to fill roles and titles, and defines the type of people you need. While it’s possible that some individuals may possess multiple traits, make sure each characteristic is represented in the people who lead.

Start thinking about your organization chart by leadership traits instead of functional roles. Get this right, and you’ll be unstoppable.

By thinking of your team only in terms of roles, you risk building a group with homogeneous cultural attributes. This is an easy trap to fall into, as we tend to hire like-minded people, often in our own image. But by doing so, we miss crucial ingredients for success by passing over candidates who just might be the difference makers.

Rather than only looking at educational background and functional experience, make sure your organization has each of these personality types:

The Visionary

While the rest of the company is heads down on the challenges of the day, someone needs to be heads up, willing to dream wildly and think ahead. Growth won’t happen by protecting old ideas. You must employ a champion to push the organization forward into uncharted waters.

The Executor

If your team is all grandeur and no precision, you’ll end up lagging behind instead of accelerating ahead. Countless great visions crashed and burned because there was no one owning the role of disciplined follow-through until completion.

The Customer Advocate

Someone has to live and breathe for your customers. A deep, empathetic understanding of your customers’ wants and needs can make the difference between realizing enormous success and dying out. Many companies start with a brilliant insight on how to better serve customer needs, but then make the shift to an internal focus as they grow. A key leader who never loses touch with the market satisfaction is as important as keeping the lights on.

The Street Fighter

Academic, manicured approaches rarely work in fast-growing companies. Irrespective of job title, someone needs to be the voice of grit and determination. The courage and commitment to do whatever it takes to achieve cannot be understated.

The Promoter
The average customer sees more than 3,000 brand messages a day, so someone on your leadership team needs to be in the zone while pounding on the table and demanding attention. Unless a team member is foaming at the mouth to shout your story from the mountaintops, you’ll be lost in the nonstop noise.





photo credit: Victor1558 via photopin cc