5 Tips For Rebuilding Trust At Work

Sometimes we make mistakes. Sometimes things don’t work out. Sometimes matters happen outside of our control. Any of these situations can result in diminished trust. You can work restoring some of that trust.

Before we look at the tips, I want to remind you that deliberate deception, lying, can never be fully recovered from. If you have found yourself in a difficult work situation because you’ve lost the trust of your peers, your management, or your customers, there are no tips that will help you. You have to work harder than anyone else to begin regaining trust, and be prepared to never be fully trusted again. Best advice? Never, EVER intentionally deceive.

1. Stand for your results.

Whatever your work and its associated actions, work as if you must publicly stand for your results. Trust can’t be restored without personal accountability grounded in consistent and trustworthy actions. That includes acknowledging that trust was broken.

2. Step and take responsibility for your actions.

We all make mistakes. We all hurt people unintentionally. We all impact relationships from time to time by our actions at work. But the difference in creating openness for trust to be restored is the difference between seeing yourself as a passenger along for the ride or as the responsible driver culpable for your missteps. Own what’s yours.

3. Pay attention to your actions and intentions.

Are you operating from good intentions or manipulative self-interests? Are you honoring your commitments and fulfilling your promises? Would you trust you? The power of behavioral integrity, the alignment of actions and words, can’t be overstated. How will people perceive your actions from this point on? Don’t give anyone any reason to doubt your trustworthiness, or your intentions.

4. Give Trust.

Trust is an action. Someone must re-start the trust. Be that someone. You don’t get trust unless you give trust.

5. Give it time.

Diminished trust or broken trust – it takes time to regain what was. If the relationship matters, then trust building matters. Be patient.

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via Psychology Today.