5 Ways To Be A Better Leader

  1. Create your own plan for your organization and regularly track your progress against your plan. This may – or may not – be the same plan that you create for others in the organization.  If you “own” your plan, you care deeply about it because you know it’s a reflection on you.  Plans that are created pro forma for an annual process that no one really believes in don’t accomplish much. Share your plan  with anyone and everyone who can help you ensure it’s achieved – that includes sharing your tracking, good or bad.
  2. Ask more questions. The best leaders are like the most successful individuals in all sectors: they recognize that they don’t know everything so they spend about 75% of their time asking questions and about 25% of their time telling.  Most leaders are upside down on this point.
  3. Reduce meeting time. In organizations that are not real good at what they do, the adage seems to be something like, “Business is tough, we need more meetings!”  While that may make some people feel they are moving the ball forward, the best leaders know better.  They want the team on the playing field and not in a meeting room.
  4. Regain your sense of humor. Watch the best performers in any segment and you’ll see that they can find some humor in any situation – even if it’s self-deprecating.  Most leaders start losing their sense of humor about the time they start move up the ladder, but the good ones seem to inherently know that this is a factor that can help them keep a sense of perspective and that, in turn, helps others overcome tough odds and even work a little harder.
  5. Take more calculated risks and be more thoughtful. Don’t always take the safe route on everything that you face as a leader.  We live in uncertain times where an approach that worked in another economy or for another competitive situation may no longer apply.  This applies to your career as well. And don’t trust your ‘gut instinct’ every time, think about things before acting.

Inspired by These seven resolutions will make you a better leader in 2012 | TechRepublic.