Annoying habits email users need to break

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Clicking Reply All

Some recipients will get responses they don’t need to see. It’s a waste of their time. It’s probably the most annoying thing email users do. There’s no cure for this one except to tell people not to do it.

[ad]Using (or abusing) distribution lists

Many organizations have distribution lists so employees can send the same message to everyone on their team, everyone in a department, all the managers, and so on. Sometimes even one that goes to the whole organization. Users rejoice to learn that they can let everyone know when their daughters are selling cookies, when they’re going on vacation, when they’ve moved their office, when they’re collecting for a good cause… you see where this is going. This breach of good manners annoys everyone.

Use the lists judiciously — seldom, if at all.

Opening attachments from strangers

Some users see an attachment as a gift, they just can’t help themselves. They’ve been told not to open attachments, but do it anyway. Do NOT open attachments from strangers. You are just asking for virus, malware, and risk losing data, security, and peace of mind. Don’t. Do. It.

Clicking links

Clicking links is fun. They take you to cool sites with all kinds of offers and fun stuff — and embedded controls and scripts that do all kinds of evil things to the computer. Most links are harmless, but most users can’t discern a legitimate link from one that leads to a phishing site, hard drive failure, or worse.

Do not to click links in unsolicited emails. DO NOT!

Sharing stuff

How much bandwidth and storage is wasted spreading gossip and sharing chain letters, pictures of offspring doing adorable things, and so on? Most organizations tolerate this misuse to promote harmony, even if it is annoying and wasteful. It’s hard to put a price on good will. Try not to abuse your sharing rights.

Ignoring messages

Some users just don’t want to communicate via email. They don’t like it and they don’t want it. But in most organizations, email is no longer a convenience; it’s how co-workers interact. Unfortunately, there’s always one or two users who refuse to play nicely, who ignore emails or claim, “I never got that message.” Just letting you know, we KNOW you got the message, that excuse never works.



via 10 annoying habits your Outlook users need to break | TechRepublic.