Are You Worthy of Leadership?

Being in a leadership role does not make someone a leader.

Leadership worthiness involves what you do to deserve to be in a position for others to follow. As yourself: By what right–beyond your position in your company’s organizational chart–is it appropriate for you to remain as a leader?

Worthiness includes legitimacy, integrity (and integrity is absolute: you have it always or you have none); and the visible examples of continually striving to become as complete a leader as possible.

Five questions to help you determine your own leadership worthiness:

1. Am I leading for my own gain, or for the good of the shared purpose?


2. If I am an accidental leader, what am I doing to legitimize my position?


3. In those honest moments when I clearly see what most frightens me about leadership, what do I do to get help?


4. What do I do every day to encourage people to tell me the whole truth, and how do I encourage myself to tell others this same truth?


5. How does my leadership help others be the best they can possibly be?

What matters is being the leader who focuses the fullest abilities of the team, inspires and guides individuals to new levels of insight and creativity, and unlocks the vast, untapped possibilities of a group’s shared purpose. Get this right, and the right measurements will follow.

This is worthy leadership.