Be Fierce With Your Time

There simply aren’t enough hours to get everything done.

Which is precisely why you shouldn’t even try.

Life’s not about getting everything done.

It’s about exalting the tasks, activities and relationships that hold the greatest potential for leverage and impact.

Ask yourself…

Can I do this once and have it ripple out 10X?

Will this one thing move the impact needle in a meaningful way, for me or for someone I care deeply about reaching?

Will I get a disproportionate return on the investment in this person, activity or idea?

Do these things before you do anything else.

Even better, find someone else to do the other stuff. And, however you can do it…

Identify and strip away as much of the 80% that gives you 20% as possible.

Fiercely protect opportunities for leverage and impact.

This one shift will make a huge difference.

Go now. Do it.

Be fierce with your time.

It’s the one currency you cannot bank.