Become a Member of Your Local Chamber of Commerce

Not only will you receive assistance in marketing and promotions, but you will also be able to shape the direction of activities and events in our community (if you are an active member that is – too many of us pay chamber dues then don’t do anything about it!) Being a member instantly gives your business more credibility and customer trust.

Take advantage of the resources they offer you and attend meetings and events.

Your presence is probably the single most effective business practice you can easily implement, more than advertising in any medium. Get out into the community, be seen, bring your business TO the community, and then they will come to you.

Being an active Chamber member gives you the added advantage of advance notice of community events and access to a network of like-minded individuals.

Other common Chamber membership benefits include:

  • Reduced fax and copy services
  • Notary service
  • Access to a conference room if ever needed
  • Training
  • Networking

The benefits your receive from being an active, involved member of your local chamber of commerce is worth far more than your annual dues!