Diagnose Your Email Personality

Here’s a brief recap of the personality factors:
Openness to Experience: This is the willingness to entertain new ideas, to enjoy exploring fantasies and adventure, and to appreciate the arts.
Conscientiousness: As the term implies, people who are conscientious are punctual, neat, and attentive to detail. They can be counted on to complete what they start.
Extraversion: People high on extraversion are outgoing, sociable, and willing to self-disclose. They’re typically happy and optimistic. Conversely, people high on introversion, the opposite end of the scale, prefer to be by themselves, are uncomfortable in social situations, and don’t like to reveal much about their inner states.
Agreeableness: Easy-going and immune to the aggravations that come from everyday annoyances, people high in agreeableness are also calm and level-headed.  You won’t hear much complaining from them.
Neuroticism: This is perhaps the darkest of the Big Five, because people high on Neuroticism are prone to excessive worry, anxiety, and feelings that others don’t like them. They are pessimistic, always expecting the worse. They tend to ruminate over their perceived failures and are high in self-doubt.

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