Do you like your job?

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Before you blurt out YES or NO (or in some cases HELL NO), check out his flowchart of reflections to help you take a good solid account of your happiness and satusfaction in your current job.

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Do you like your job?

Do you like what you do?

Reflection Questions: (Answer Yes, I’m Not Sure, or No)

    1. Am I my best self in this relationship?
    2. Do I believe in the product, organization, or service?
    3. How does this job make me feel? Good, Accomplished, Satisfied?
    4. Am I challenged to be my best?
    5. Am I growing and learning?
    6. Am I meeting or surrounding myself with good people doing interesting things?
    7. Are people in this organization open to new ideas and receptive to each other?
    8. Is this the best use of my skills and talents? Aka – Am I indispensible?
    9. Are there people I can learn from and look up to? Do I have good mentors or advisers?
    10. Do I want to become my boss?

If yes: (More than 5? Rock on! You nailed it!)

If I’m not sure or No: Ask the following follow up questions:[ad]

    1. Will this change?
    2. How long will this take to change?
    3. Is this non-negotiable?
    4. Is there somewhere else with more YES responses?
Original by Sarah Kathleen Peck over at itstartswith