Trust, Leadership, & Employee Engagement [infographic]

 “Employee Engagement” has been a hot topic – but what exactly is it?

Some argue that employee engagement is not measurable, and others say it’s not necessary to measure in the first place. I’m sort of in-between. It is hard to measure, but I do think it’s important. In its simplest form, engagement is an employee’s level of contribution and satisfaction. Both of these factor’s contribute to how productive your employee is, how long they will last before burning out, and how they affect your team overall. As a manager, monitoring and balancing engagement levels can be a full-time job!

This infographic from GP strategies illustrates the essential components of trust, leadership and employee engagement. According to the research, 3 things help improve employee engagement:

  • clarity about expectations and goals,
  • resources to meet those expectations,
  • and feedback from managers about how employees are doing in meeting them.


trust-leadership-employee-engagement infographic(Click image to view full size)

What are your thoughts about employee engagement? What are the key things your employer can give YOU to improve your engagement and satisfaction levels?

Source: Trust, Leadership & Employee Engagement