Four questions to help you decide if you are progressing or stagnating

Are you solving new problems?

If the work you’re doing today looks just like what you were doing five years ago, you could be stagnating. It’s okay if you’re still working with a lot of the same technology, but the challenges should have moved.
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Do you feel challenged?

If you can go through a day without having to ponder how to solve a problem, you’re ready to move on to something else. You’re wasting your talents, and that will lead directly to obsolescence.

Are you being inventive?

New and challenging problems should require that you invent new methods to deal with them. If you only rely on the innovation of others, you’re stagnating.

Do your solutions make you happy?

An inventive approach to a challenging problem brings you joy . The satisfaction gained from that functional creativity inevitably generates even more ideas, along with the desire to keep moving forward.

via TechRepublic.