Get your life in O.R.D.E.R.

Everyone needs some O.R.D.E.R in their lives:

It’s important that you have everything you need in the place you need it.

Learn to recognize tasks and projects that will take large chunks of time and prepare for them so you have the time and resources necessary to accomplish them.

Are you the right person for the job?  Delegating makes sure you have the time and energy necessary to accomplish the tasks your ARE right for.

Nothing will fall into place if you’ll wait for it, waiting for perfection is procrastinating and procrastinating creates even more stress.  Once you delegated, you must focus and perform your tasks, it’s as simple as that.  Everything will fall into place once you’re on the move.

Finished? You’ll need to unwind a bit and then organize all your troops for the next set of actions.

ORDER is a simple technique that will help you to reduce stress levels while working.

via IQTELL: The Number One Enemy of Productivity