How to get back on track with your habits?

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How to get back on track with your habits? is a post from: Alpha Efficiency, website dedicated to help you achieve more and work less.



It has occurred to me to fall out of my usual productive balance. More than once I might add. It can happen to every one of us. It is the human in us. We are prone to mistakes, but that’s why we get good at everything we do.

Falling out of your productive behaviour pattern is possible and frequent. And it’s completely okay, as long as you get back on track.

Path is often unclearPath is often unclear

How task manager can get you back on track?

Thanks to reminders, I know when I fall short and “betray” myself. I am not sure my rational self would even wake up to the fact that it happened.

My task manager keeps me honest. There I’ve got a list of daily rituals thta I need to complete, and when I find myself that I haven’t done it in past couple of days, that is the moment when my red flag is raised.

Each time you don’t complete a habit, a task remains in the system. And than at one point you want to check the task off, but the new one pops out, for each day of you skipping the task.

If you need to recheck it more than a couple of times, it means you’ve been lying to yourself about your habits. A first indication of the problem, and a clear sign that you need to get back on track.

Keeping yourself honest

I’ve just “returned” from one of those episodes, where I wasn’t following neither my morning nor evening ritual. These rituals are here to be a guideline, you don’t have to be a slave to them, nor you have to be a slave to your system… But once you fall off the track for way to many days, having a reminder that you weren’t following your own system is a clear way of communicating to your future self, that you are full of bs.

This means it is a good time to review your behavior. Your system reminded you that you fell of the track, and that some things aren’t the way they are supposed to be. Usually these things are inside of your own mind. You also keep on track wether you are achieving your goals or your dreams aren’t your priority as you make yourself to believe. This way you know whether you are moving forward or tapping in spot.

The purpose of the review

In order to have a clear picture of what’s going on in your head, ocassional big review is necesserry.

Review is there in order for you to understand what is going on in your life. Often we don’t communicate with our subconscious, and we are missing out on the message that we are transmitting to ourselves. Message is always different, but it means that something new is going on in our lives and it is changing our usual behavior pattern. Running a journal is a great help when you are doing the review.

It is of huge importance to realize how this change is affecting you and why it forces you to behave differently. When you realize where lies the problem, you need to make the conditions get back to normal.

What gets us off track?

Visible Changes

Those events are usually shock to our usual behaviour pattern. Often they are obvious as:

  1. You moved to a new home
  2. You changed your job
  3. You changed your Operating System
  4. Insert random dramatic change in your life

Coping with these is pretty obvious, because you immediately know what is going on, and you can instantly sense the reason behind your change. But it’s not always this easy…

Invisible changes

In order to figure out what invisible changes are messing you up, you really need that mentioned review. They can range from the relationship with your significant other, to changes in your diet plan. These stealth changes can often change the course of our lives if we let them slip away our attention.

Review helps us track our changes and can help us with creating the battle plan on how to tackle with the treaths to our goals. Keep your goals alive. Make it possible for you to fight these issues and get them out of the way and back on track.

Conclusion and takeaway

Life is never perfect. It’s the conditions we are in, and the ways we make it better is what counts.

Actionable tasks:

  1. Create daily reminders for your habits (Start Small)
  2. Follow wether you actually complete your habits
  3. Stick to the system
  4. If it doesn’t work, locate the problems
  5. Adjust the changes

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How to get back on track with your habits? is a post from: Alpha Efficiency, website dedicated to help you achieve more and work less.