Increase Your Personal & Professional Effectiveness

Whether you are an HR professional who wants to better align yourself with the business by being a “front-line” thinker, a manager who wants to improve your personal and professional effectiveness, a business owner who needs DIY strategies in the absence of a management structure and functional teams, or an employee who wants to advance your careers/skills and demonstrate your understanding of customers, sales and marketing, train yourself to follow these three simple points.

1) Position/identify/distill: This is where you create the focal point against which you tie everything together to ensure that clarity, consistency and continuity are embedded in whatever follows. The key here is that you must know what you are trying to say and be able to whittle it down to as few words as possible.

2) Organize/engineer/structure: This is where you organize and arrange elements of your story, work or project strategically to create flow, logic and order to ensure that people are not lost in your message. One way to make sure that you stay on track is to start at the end with your focal point and work backward as you fill in the details.

3) Package/present/deliver: This is about aesthetics and making whatever you create attractive and appealing so that people will be drawn toward it and not pushed away due to visual confusion.   My advice here is to find someone to help with design if it does not come naturally. It cannot be separated from content, which is one of the biggest mistakes we see people and businesses make.

via Increase Your Personal & Professional Effectiveness | Psychology Today.