Basic Leadership Skills

Different leadership skills are needed for different positions, but these are all necessary if you want to be an effective leader.


Self Leadership

  • Have a personal mission
    Having a sense of purpose  will give you motivation to lead and personal direction so you can stay on track.
  • Strong character
    Ethical and responsible leadership at the personal level is character-driven.
  • Self-Awareness
    Have a deep understanding of yourself, of your strengths and shortcomings.

Interpersonal Leadership

  • Communication skills
    Communication is the foundation for all leadership – above all, leaders are good communicators, both verbally and emotionally.
  • Relationship skills
    The ability to build and keep up relationships. Empowering and developing others, conflict management, and fostering cooperation.
  • Influence and motivational skills.
    Ability to be motivating, persuasive, and to focus on both outcomes and a positive process.

Team and Organizational Leadership

  • Understanding and Facilitation of Group/Team Processes. Including articulating a compelling vision and stimulating groups to be creative.
  • Understanding Organizations and Organizational Processes. Includes political and social skills/intelligence.
  • Global Mindset. Demonstrating awareness and openness to people from diverse backgrounds.



What are your current leadership strengths? Do you see areas you can target for improvement?



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