7 Things To Avoid To Protect Your Career And Reputation

This graphic is available over at Prolific Living, and they ask: Are You Committing These 7 Silent Career Killers at Your Job?

But I want to ask: are you committing these trust and reputation killers? Because these seven things should be applied across all aspects of your life, and if you are guilty of them, they will do more than just ruin your career:

trust and reputation killers
1. Never disagree with your boss openly in public.

Speak to them in private, never in front of others. Notice I didn’t say to NOT to disagree, just do it privately  When it comes to the boss, make sure you show a united front to others.(And just replace BOSS with SPOUSE/SIGNIFICANT OTHER to apply this one to your personal life. No they aren’t your boss, but it will do wonders for your relationship to not disagree or prove them wrong in public)

2. Never engage in gossip.

Just walk away. Don’t repeat gossip, and don’t hang around while it’s being spread. You don’t want to be associated with it in any way. If it’s about you, set the record straight.

3. Don’t share too much personal information.

Keep your work reputation up by keeping personal information personal, and keep the integrity of your relationship by keeping the details of your personal private life from those at work. Win win.

4. Don’t speak negatively about your company or relationships.

You will undermine trust. If you don’t like something, do something about, don’t just start complaining and bad-mouthing.

5. Don’t act self-righteous.

It doesn’t make you look better, it makes you look very very bad. “It’s not fair” makes you sound childish.

6. Never call out anyone in public.

Even if you are right and they are wrong.Same as #1, do it privately. Your peers and friends will respect you much more.

7. Never lose your temper especially in a crisis.

Keep your calm, and watch what you say. You can’t take back temper tantrums or name calling.  Watch your words and attitude carefully.  Losing your temper won’t help resolve a crisis and most of the time just makes things worse.

Are there other things you think you should be added to the list?



via Career Killers at Your Job | Corporate Career Mistakes.