Stepping Up

John Izzo: Stepping Up: How Taking Responsibility Changes Everything.

My definition of stepping up is simple: Stepping up is seeing a need and deciding YOU are the right person to do something about it. It is about not looking to anyone else to create change but to do what you can in your sphere of influence. The responsibility I speak of is not a wagging finger telling you to step up, but an empowering message of what happens when we stop worrying about what anyone else is doing and choose to do what we can do. Whether trying to change our family, our company or the world, we are only powerful when we focus on what WE can do.

You have the power to make a REAL difference within your sphere of influence:

  1. Encourage tolerance and kindness: In a world shaken by financial chaos and instability, with more and more people needing a piece of the communal pie to survive, it’s easy to fall into an “every man for himself” kind of survival mentality. Frequently, this will start to manifest itself by resenting those who are different or who have it “easier.”
    Whenever you or someone else is being intolerant or unkind—no matter how subtle or socially acceptable it might be—decide that you’ll step up and show up differently, and encourage others to do the same.
  2. Lose attitudes that make you miserable and less successful:  When you’ve really committed yourself to change you’ll feel how unappealing your old way is, especially if you fall back into it, and you’ll be far less likely to repeat the old habit the next time.  Izzo focuses on two of the most troubling attitudes: “It’s not my job!” and “It’s not my fault!” The more a person or organization focuses on the external environment rather than how they respond to it, the less happy and successful they will be. “There are two kinds of people in the world, those who make things happen and those who complain about what’s happening.”  Which one are you?
  3. The Responsibility Ripple:  Many of us feel disempowered in our work and our lives, because we don’t think that we do matters. It does.
So, are going to STEP UP?

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via Is It Time for You to Finally Step Up? | Psychology Today.