Stop letting work drive you crazy…

  • Set realistic goals. Be clear with your boss what will be delivered and when.
  • Create a work routine. Answer email at specific times during the day – once in the morning and once in the afternoon is good. Not everything needs responding to right away just because it shows up on your blackberry. Return calls during a certain time. Allot time for projects. Know that things do not always go according to plan but at least you have a plan.
  • Leave work at work. Set boundaries between work and home. Because of technology people seem to be working all the time (I’m writing this on a Saturday morning sitting on my bed:) and that can feel like you do not have any ‘off’ time or ‘me’ time. You may find it easier to stay later at work and then come home knowing you are done for the day. You may find you are more productive if you go to work before everyone else so that you have undisturbed, focused time. It may also reduce your commute by traveling at off times. Or if you absolutely need to work from home, set specific times and take me time first. For example, I a writing this after having done my morning swim and walk.
  • Space out holidays over the year so that you have regular breaks from work. Add days to long weekends or see if you can take off when there are natural lulls in the work cycle. When on holiday, disconnect
  • Create a de-stress routine at work. Take a 15 minute break at least once every 2 hours and leave your cubicle or office and just get some fresh air. Exercise at your desk every hour. Do some stretches or some high knee marching or keep some 10lb weights to keep your arms toned.
  • Exercise. Before work is best because it gives your brain clarity, gives you energy, keeps your mood even and you can be proud of yourself for having accomplished something before the work day has even begun. After work gyms tend to be busy and if you exercise too late it can make it hard to fall asleep because your body is all revved up.
  • Connect. Be the one at work to suggest time out celebrations of little and large accomplishments. One simple step will be a ‘dont eat lunch at your desk’ day. Eating under stress causes indigestion and other digestive discomforts. Connecting with people in small and little ways creates bonds that improve mental wellbeing through social support.

via Is Work Driving You Crazy? It’s Time to Stop the Madness! | Psychology Today.