3 Basics Required for Success

Passion is necessary, but not enough, for success. What are the 3 basics required to succeed?


We often hear about the need to be passionate about what you do in order to succeed, and yes, that is VERY important, but there are 3 absolute basics that are often overlooked.

Social Skills

Are you rewarding to work with? Do you possess the skills necessary to deal successfully with people? Strong social skills will allow you to contribute more, and be more enjoyable to work around and with. Don’t neglect interpersonal communication skills when developing your resume and planning your ongoing education.


Are you able to do the job? Sometimes someone’s knowledge, ability, and skill aren’t looked at as closely as they should be. That lack of ability shows itself soon. Make sure you have the qualifications to back up the position you are trying to fill. And don’t neglect your ongoing education – you can always learn something new, no matter how much of an expert you are now.

Strong Work Ethic

Are you willing to do the work? Ambition, drive, and a good work ethic show you WANT to succeed.


Basics to Success:
Social skills, Qualifications, Work ethic
Develop all 3, have the passion, and you WILL succeed.



via Are You Employable? 

photo credit: seeveeaar via photopin cc