Tasks to keep your department productive during slow times

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When work slows down, it’s smart to catch up on back-burner tasks. You can keep busy and get some necessary (but neglected) chores out of the way.

Here are 10 chores that will keep your department humming:

Clean up

The shop (or departmental offices) can get out of sorts when life is hectic. But a clean environment is much more conducive to efficient work. When things are slow, why not take a moment to clean up the office? This could be as simple as a good sweep, dust, and shine or as involved as getting rid of older and dead tech and completely rearranging the furniture for a better layout.

Learn something new

Slow times offer a perfect opportunity to learn something new. They don’t necessarily have to be in the form of classes. It could be as simple as working with a new coding language or have someone more experienced share tips, tricks, and how-tos with you.  Any time knowledge employees can share with one another is a good investment in time.

Test new systems and software

We’re all, always, looking for new systems to use. The thing is, we rarely have the time and energy to actually test out new systems. What about that new open source CMS you’ve been dying to give a go? Or the groupware? Slow times give you a great opportunity to get those systems up and running and hammer them to see if they’ll do the job you need them to do.

Document systems and software

This is one of the last tasks that ever get done, but it’s one of the most important. Without documentation, your existing applications and systems rely upon your engineers to remember everything. Unfortunately, employee turnover is inevitable. When people leave, you still need to be able to log on to those mission-critical apps. Take this opportunity to begin the process of documenting your systems, software, users, etc. In the end, you’ll be very glad you did this.

File paperwork

Your company might still do everything on paper. Or you may have already gone digital. Either way, there is most likely some form of paperwork to be done. And if you’re like many, you’re already way behind in the paperwork department. Now is the perfect time to catch up… and maybe even get a bit ahead!


What other projects do you tackle when there’s a break in your department’s regular workload?


via 10 tasks to keep your IT department productive during slow times | TechRepublic.