The Little Things That Make Big Ideas Happen

This Monday is a special Monday; it’s my one year anniversary here at IQTELL.

It was a wonderful year, full of experiences that solidified our mission and purpose.  I remember when our alpha users first trickled; it was the first time users heard our mission statement and saw what was being developed.  The things they said inspired us to continue full-steam ahead because they confirmed our belief that what we were creating was right.

Below are some of the “little-big” things that we did and learned along the way.

#1 Believe

Whenever you innovate or create something new, you have to believe in what you are doing.  You won’t believe how many people along the way will doubt your purpose.  Imagine the world without the iPad – initially, everyone said “why would we need a tablet – we have laptops that do the same thing…” Imagine if Steve listened to those people and stopped the iPad development.

#2 Right Team

Surround yourself with people who are intelligent, diligent, and who are passionate about the shared goal.  Working for a paycheck is not what creating is all about; passion has no price tag.  Make sure you find people who will not be afraid to offer constructive feedback.  Creating something is an emotional roller coaster; one day you’re on top of the world, the next, you may receive some negative feedback, and you’re staring into this abyss.  A strong core team will get you through the downs, and ride the highs with you!

#3 Beta Users

The two things that we know for certain:  “we are not that smart” and “we don’t know everything”.  We are building IQTELL for our users.  Over the past year, we were very fortunate to have a very large group of beta users that took pride in IQTELL.  We’ve had countless Skype sessions and email exchanges showing IQTELL, and more importantly listening to user feedback.  Sometimes we’re not happy to hear the feedback, but at the end of the day, it is the right feedback.    We are very proud of the fact that the features that go into IQTELL are 100% user coordinated.  Take for example our decision to integrate with Evernote.  Our users were looking to enhance their Evernote experience with a tool like IQTELL; so we listened, and delivered.

Remember, starting any venture is not easy – anyone who tells you otherwise is either lying or trying to sell you something.  You’ll constantly be faced with hurdles, naysayers, and tough decisions.  But if you believe in what you are doing, if you truly believe in yourself, then don’t hesitate to start and make it happen.  Remember, don’t do it for the money, those ventures typically always fade and falter.  Facebook just went public – can you imagine Mark Zuckerberg starting Facebook for the money. 

No way, he did it because he believed he would revolutionize social interaction – he believed when others did not – that’s why he succeeded and changed the face of the world.

What is your next big idea?