The Perfectionism Paradox

The five seductions of perfectionism. Strategies that can go one of two ways: pay off big or cost you big.

1. More is always better. Sometimes that extra hour on a project really took it to the next level. However, be care of diminishing returns. Track when your time and effort are no longer paying off.

2. All mistakes are catastrophic. Who likes to make mistakes? On the other hand, research repeatedly shows that keeping your eye on what might go wrong will inhibit and decrease your performance.

3. Everything is equally important. Who doesn’t want to be a stand out at everything he or she does? When unchecked, however, less important activities rob you of precious (and limited) time, effort and resources. Learn to prioritize based on values, interests and strengths.

4. If you want something done right…Sometimes others’ standards are lower (and unacceptable). On the other hand, if you are always the go-to person the likelihood of burnout increases. Build yourself a “cabinet”: different people in your life who excel in different areas. Rely on this group to share the load.

5. “Just one more minute…” Having an empty in box is a great feeling to leave work with. How often does that occur though? Skipping breaks and vacations can actually reduce productivity and creativity. Make sure to actively plan your schedule.

via The Perfectionism Paradox | Psychology Today.