the right way to ask questions

Thanks Chris Pirillo for this summarized list of things to consider BEFORE asking questions. They don’t apply to just asking technical questions. We are all bombarded by questions from family, peers, staff, clients… and many of them could have found the answer on their own with just a little effort.

Not only will you feel the great satisfaction that comes from solving a problem yourself, but you will free up your go-to person to help when you REALLY need it, and they will love you for it.

Have you searched for the answer already? Make Google your friend

Have you tried fixing the problem on your own first? Put some effort into the problem before asking someone else, and make sure you can tell the other person just what you’ve tried on your own so far

Try to know (or understand) the problem you’re trying to solve. Be specific. We all like to learn new things, but if you ask a question that is so far above your head, it’s confusing (to both of us). Don’t worry about terminology as much as getting to the core of your issue: what’s wrong, what do you need to do, how can someone help?

Don’t be afraid to ask a question – even if you think it’s a “bad” question. It may be a good question, just put some thought and effort into what it is you are asking.

Be patient. It’s equally as frustrating for someone listening to you when you’re feeling frustrated because they’re not able to help you. They likely don’t have enough information to address the problem effectively.


via How to Ask Questions | Gnomies.