Time to Get Over Yourself.

I don’t care where you went to school, roll up your sleeves and do the fucking work.

You know where me and my Wharton and Kellogg degrees are all hanging out this weekend? We’re cutting and pasting screen shots from the web into a employer brand assessment Ajax is doing. You know why? Because this is the job that needs to be done this week, and I’m out of people to delegate to. So while my family skis, I sit here working. And I’m happy to do it—it gives me a sense of accomplishment and helps me provide for my family. I love skiing, but this is my contribution. This is what defines me.

Those people you think got lucky? They work their asses off. You may not see them working, you may not value their contributions, but make no mistake: they’re doing the job.

Get over yourself and do yours.


Jason Seiden is Co-founder and CEO of Ajax Social Media, a training company that shows professionals how use social media to work more effectively.

SOURCE: http://jasonseiden.com/time-to-get-over-yourself/