Tips for those who want to move up quickly

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Moving ahead can require change on your part.  Here a few of John M McKee‘s seven tips and tactics that you can use to improve their game.

Be first and take what you deserve – I’m always surprised by people who think that being polite is better than being assertive.  There will always be someone who is prepared to stand in front of you for the promotion or important task that leads to one.  Get to the front of the line.

Be a power broker
If you’re not one, act like one. Position yourself as a go-to person. When others see that you can answer questions or provide advice, you are more likely to be given the formal power of a title. Act boldly – even if you’re not bold.

Earn what you deserve
When negotiating your compensation package, use specifics that show clearly that you are worth more to the company than others.  Many people expect that because they have a need or are in a tough situation they’ll get a break – not likely. Do your homework about what others are getting paid at your level. Visit

Make goals. Achieve them. Make new goals.
Your plan should go all the way to the end result you want.  It should detail what action is needed for every step along the way. Review your plan frequently because things change.  Constantly modify it as required.

Go for the high profile jobs
Some job roles seem to be destined for success, while others have been occupied by failures.  What is the promotional path of others in your organization who have moved quickly and successfully.  Can you use them as mentors?

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