Tips To Make Providing Support Easier – for everyone

Providing technical support does not have to be difficult. Your clients depend upon your being efficient and professional.

Give these suggestions a try and you will find that your process smoothes out and your clients are much more satisfied.

  • Be consistent
    Be consistent in both how you instruct end users and which tools you use. This will go a long way toward easing the worries of your end users and it will make your job a lot easier. Your clients will become accustomed to you, your style, and your tools, making each session more productive. and less time-consuming, than the last.
  • Use the right tools
    Find the right tool for you — one  you can use efficiently and proficiently and meets the needs you have. This includes having a reliable internet connection.
  • Don’t Cause Panic, or Make their frustration or anxiety worse
    Never ever say things like“Oh no!”, “uh oh!”, “Well, that’s not right!”.  Be professional and don’t worry the client.
  • Use a headset
    Don’t try to offer support over the phone by holding a phone between your head and shoulders. It doesn’t inspire confidence for the client to hear you drop your phone, and you will hurt yourself doing it too often.
  • Control your environment
    If you are trying to provide support over the phone you need to do so in a quiet area. Another confidence killer will be for them to hear your dog, your kids, or the guys at the bar shouting at the TV. You do not want the client to have ask you to repeat yourself because they can’t hear or understand what you are saying, and you asking them to constantly repeat themselves is annoying. You need to be able to concentrate on their issue, and the distractions are no help.
  • Document everything
    Keep notes of everything you do. This may seem like a pointless task, but one day you will regret not knowing what you last did to a client machine. Make notes in a client file of what you did. Date the notes so you have a running record of everything. This can also help you should a client question you on what you’ve already fixed on their computer.
  • Be polite… but be efficient
    Building a great relationship takes small talk, but don’t spend too much time just chitchatting. Get the job done so the client can get back to their work, and you can get on with yours, making the next client just as happy as you’ve made this one.

Do you have any other tips that make offering technical support easier for your or for the client? If you are the client, what suggestions would you make to your support provider?

inspired by 10 things you can do to make remote support easier.