Toss That Schedule To Get Results

Wishing you had more or higher quality results from your staff? Too many employees have the eight-to-five mindset, and most of their time at work is spent fiddling around waiting for quitting time, and nothing really gets accomplished. You may be guilty of this yourself. .. extra trips to the coffee pot, stopping off at chatty-Cathy’s desk knowing she’ll regale you with stories of what her 2 year old did yesterday for at least half an hour… or worse, scheduling meeting on top of meeting, to talk about the things you should be using that time to DO.

You’re probably already familiar with Parkinson’s Law that says that work will expand to fill the time allowed. Schedule an employee for an 8 hour work day, and whatever they do will take up exactly 8 hours.  Give an employee 6 weeks to complete a project, and you’ll get your results in 6 weeks.

There’s only way to combat Parkinson’s Law in your business:

Change to an environment that focuses on getting things done instead of scheduling staff for hours on the clock.

no more time clocks - get results!

Results, first and foremost

Do whatever it takes to get your employees and teams entirely focused on getting the job done. Get them focused on the RESULTS, not the hours you require them need to be in a seat to get a paycheck. Get their eyes off the clock and onto the work at hand.

That may mean throwing out old pay grades, promotional schedules, maybe even some of your hiring and training programs.

Be less concerned with how long, or when, someone’s at the office – as long as they do the job, and do it well.

photo credit: Explorer Björn  cc