What do we really want more of from our employers?

I was reading an article over at Productive Organizer titled “Which would you rather take: Higher pay or access to Facebook at work?” (which includes an awesome infographic so check it out, but after you read the rest of this post.. 🙂 ) It got me thinking about what it is “I” really want from my employer. Come review-time, what is it that would actually make me happier and show that my employer values my contribution to the company? When I realized the answer I really wanted to give had nothing to do with benefits or compensation, I began to wonder: how many others out there feel the same?

Cash and stocks are AWESOME, love them, they make all that hard work I’ve done feel appreciated, but when it comes down to it, what I’d LOVE is…

The time and resources needed to do the job I already have.

I’d like to be given the time and resources I need to do a GREAT job on the projects you have already assigned to me. These are rough times for most sectors – employers are having to rely on 1 person to do the job of 3, maybe even 4, people. Employees know the economy is rough, the job market is rough. But how much longer can we as employers truly expect to keep our star performers churning out GREAT results, when we have them on the fast-track to burn-out? GREAT will soon be GOOD, then what?

So, now I’m curious – how many of us are there that would stay with their current employer happily in order to do a GREAT job, given the resources and time to do so?



photo credit: Caucas’ via photopin cc